Sunday, June 7, 2015

Girls Hoop It Up In Jackson!

Dynamic Warm up - Cossack Stretch
Like a day in the park, kids came to the gym, had lunch and played some hoops.  June 6, 2015 in Jackson, MS at the MBA facility numerous young ladies from around the state attended the 1st Annual Bigfoot Girls' Junior All American Camp.

The campers ranged from grades 5 to grade 8.  They were from various walks of life and each possessed their own respective skill set levels.  However, the one thing they all shared...was a love for the game of basketball and a desire to improve.  The opportunity to work with such a group was refreshing and energizing.  It was a pleasure to see the smile on their faces as they attempted to perform some of the various drills.

The BGJAAC (acronymed as B-Jack) offered segments in skill improvement, speed and agility training, power and explosion, ball handling, shooting, scoring off the dribble, game IQ enhancement and more.  The intent was to provide a training environment where the participants would be shown how to work on some things while understanding that many of the drills could be performed at home or in the driveway.

As one of the first events to be offered from the Bigfoot training Academy, the BGJAAC turned out to be a great good opening and introduction to the Jackson Metro area.  Visit our website at to remain in touch with upcoming activities like our fall programs and camps.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bigfoot Girls Jr All American Camp

Bigfoot Girls' Jr All American Camp
Bigfoot Training Academy in association with the Delta Report Scouting Service will be hosting its first annual Jr. All American Camp.  The camp will involve girls in grades 5 through 8 and place them in a combine style workout.

Many of the skills will be grade based with the inclusion of some advance drills as well.  The one day event will be a full day of drills & skills and will also have and added competition component.

Space will be limited to only 32 players per age group.  Online registration is available  at  Event registration is under Calendar/Events tab.

Included in the camps are:

  1. Camp Shirt
  2. Lunch
  3. Drills and Skills
  4. Minimum of two games of competition
Instruction will be provided by the Bigfoot Training Academy and the Delta Report Evaluators.  This is a great opportunity for female athletes in Mississippi and the bordering states.  At this time, we have commitments from players in three states.  

For more information you can email BTA at or call (601) 400-0153

Welcome to Bigfoot Nation

Unleash the Beast
The Bigfoot Nation is a news blog centered around the actions, activities and events associated with the Bigfoot Training Academy.

Currently founded by Director Leslie Toole, the Bigfoot Nation is comprised of girls in grades 4 thru 12.  The teaching principles for these successful young ladies are based on the "Old School" tenet of the Triple Threat Method.  Though skill and player development are of the highest priority to our Nation, we also emphasize team concepts and sportsmanship.

The young ladies of the Nation are considered to be future leaders of the Nation, their communities and their respective career choices.  Through our teaching of discipline and respect for self and others, the training staff of the Nation serves as an adjunct unit in support of the home teachings receive by each individual.

Earlier I stated that our teaching method is based on the old Triple Threat concepts of the 80's; however, I would like to add that we do not stop there.  We also include:

  • Range of Motion Improvement
  • Dexterity Enhancement
  • Speed & Agility
  • Power & Stability
  • European Skill Sets
  • Off the Bounce Passing
  • Off the Bounce Shooting
  • Offensive Spacing
  • Offensive Movement
  • And much more.
One facet of accomplishing this was to offer and include a competitive component in our program.  Many training academies around the country are doing this and BTA completely agrees with this modern methodology.  Teaching proper techniques and allowing the participants an opportunity to grow their skill sets in a positive and constructive setting has proven to be a great combination for growth.

If you would like to become a member of the Nation, feel free to email us at  We offer training sessions on a twice per week setting with a year around option based on seasons.